Fort Lauderdale Exclusive Buyer Agents

Fort Lauderdale Exclusive Buyer Agents never take listings, represent sellers, or act as Transaction Brokers – they only and always represent the best interests of the home buyer.

They work only in an Exclusive Buyer Brokerage office like For Buyers Only Realty. You will never find an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent in an ordinary, traditional office like ReMax, Arvida, Coldwell Banker, Century 21, Better Homes and Gardens, ERA, Keyes, or any other office that has listings. An Exclusive Buyer’s Agent commission is paid by the seller at closing, no differently than any other real estate agent.

Transaction Brokers

In the State of Florida most real estate agents are Transaction Brokers. Legally these brokers cannot advocate for either a buyer or seller. That means they cannot tell you a property is overpriced, cannot write a contract favorable to you or negotiate in your best interests. Their job is to put the transaction together, even if it means you overpay for the property.

A Buyer Agents’ job is to get you the lowest price possible and the best terms. Every homebuyer needs a Buyer’s Agent in their corner. Would you go to court with an attorney that does not represent you? Of course not! So why would you want an agent that does not work for you? Make a smarter choice. Choose an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent.

Buyer’s Agents

Many Florida offices have agents claiming to be Buyer’s Agents who spend the majority of their time representing sellers and searching for more property to list. These are not buyer specialists. Exclusive Buyer’s Agents are specifically trained to promote the buyer’s best interest and are the buyer specialists who understand your needs.